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School satchels; sling bags for carrying infants; slings for carrying infants; pouch baby carriers; travelling bags; sports bags; baby diaper bags; ba...

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School satchels; sling bags for carrying infants; slings for carrying infants; pouch baby carriers; travelling bags; sports bags; baby diaper bags; baby carrying bags; randsels, namely, Japanese school satchels; backpacks for carrying infants; reins for guiding children; umbrellas; mountaineering sticks Swings; puppets; shuttlecocks; toy balloons; toy building blocks; dominoes; toy pistols; plush toys; jigsaw puzzles; radio-controlled toy cars; smart robot toys; smart electronic toy vehicles; toy dough; novelty toy items in the nature of laser-controlled toy cars; dice; playing cards; chess games; balls for games; toy whistles; flippers for swimming; elbow guards for athletic use; knee guards for athletic use; protective padding for playing skating; in-line roller skates; ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery; Christmas trees of synthetic material; candle holders for Christmas trees Solutions for contact lenses; contact lens cleaning preparations; sanitary knickers; menstruation tampons; sanitary napkins; sanitary pads; diapers for incontinents; babies' nappies; babies' diaper-pants; disposable diapers for incontinence; disposable baby diapers; disposable sanitizing wipes; breast-nursing pads; maternity kit, namely, sanitary napkins, medicated lotions and creams for the body, skin, face and hands Shampoos; cakes of toilet soap; non-medicated hand-washing paste; bath lotion; aromatic essential oils; cosmetics; sunscreen preparations; talcum powder; toothpaste Sweaters; pullovers; shirts; clothing, namely, coats, shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, suits, dresses, sweaters, pants; trousers; coats; waistcoats; tops as clothing; waterproof footwear; waterproof jackets; waterproof pants; skirts; sports jerseys; tee-shirts; ponchos; underwear; vests; pajamas; underpants; dress shields; windbreakers; coats for children; tops as clothing for children; children's underwear; trousers for children; clothing layettes; pants for babies; bibs, not of paper; bathing suits; bathing caps; bathing trunks; raincoats; dance costumes; shoes; boots; football shoes; slippers; sandals; sports shoes; climbing shoes; rain boots; inner soles; hats; hosiery; pantyhose; gloves as clothing; scarfs; bow ties; clothing belts; sleep masks Place mats of textile material; curtain loops of textile material; towels made of textile materials; non-woven textile fabrics; silk fabrics; knitted fabrics of silk yarn; printers' blankets of textile; household linen; towels of textile; table napkins of textile; handkerchiefs of textile; face towels of textile; bath towels; bed covers; quilts; bed linen; pillowcases; bed blankets; diaper changing cloths for babies; sleeping bags for babies; baby buntings; cot bumpers; pillow covers; woolen blankets; quilt covers; bedsheets; picnic blankets; door curtains; bedsheets of leather Ear thermometers; sanitary masks; babies' bottles; breast pumps; teething rings; dummies for babies; feeding bottle teats; baby feeding dummies; gum massagers for babies; childbirth mattresses; maternity support belts for medical purposes Furniture; coat hangers; beds; sofas; infant walkers; mirrors being furniture; works of art of bamboo; works of art made of wood; inflatable publicity objects; cushions; office furniture; chairs; bolsters; mats for infant playpens

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Games and playthings

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