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Why file a Trademark?

A trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.

Registering a trademark ensures that no one else can use the same mark in the same industry. To register a trademark you must file an application with the US Trademark and Patent Office, pay a $325 government fee and provide proof of usage, or intended usage.

A registered trademark has the legal protection of law necessary to defend it.

Here are some things that can be trademarked:

  • Name - You can trademark a company name such as 'Apple', 'Microsoft' or 'Fast Cars'
  • Slogan - You can trademark a slogan such as Just do it or i'm lovin it
  • Logo - You can trademark a specific logo or design pattern.
  • Sound - You can trademark a specific sound.

You can file a trademark yourself directly with the USPTO, or you can use a trademark filing and monitoring service like Trademark247 to simplify the process. The trademark filing process is not very user intuitive, so most companies and individuals file with a trademark filing service or use an attorney.

It's important to note that a trademark is not the same thing as a copyright or patent.

We are not associated with Apple®, Microsoft® or any other company or trademark mentioned in the above examples.

Copyrights and Patents

It's important to note that a trademark is not the same thing as a copyright or patent.

A trademark protects the name (or slogan or sound) of a company and prevents others from using the same name in the same industry.

A copyright protects authors from having their works (such as books, music, photos and software) copied and republished.

A patent is a grant on a specific invention by the government giving the inventor exclusivity to use and license it.

Trademark247 specializes in trademark search, filing and monitoring service. If you require assistance with copyrights or patents we can refer you to a reputable attorney.