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Communication services, namely, transmission of voice, audio, visual images and data by telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, ...

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audio visual images  wireless communication networks  communication transmission  networks wireless  telecommunications networks  visual images  data telecommunications  images data  voice audio  transmission 

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Communication services, namely, transmission of voice, audio, visual images and data by telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, the Internet, information services networks and data networks; Electronic and digital transmission of voice, data, images, signals, messages and multimedia works; Electronic transmission and streaming of digital media content via global and local computer networks; Audio and video broadcasting services over the Internet and smart devices; Internet protocol television (IPTV) transmission services; Interactive delivery of audio and video over digital networks; Internet-based texting, notification and alerting services; Communication services, namely, providing electronic transmission of information stored in a database via interactively communicating computer systems; Computer services, namely, providing online facilities for real-time interaction with other computer users concerning topics of general interest; Video-on-demand transmission; Broadcasting services and provision of telecommunication access to films, audiovisual content and television programs provided via a video-on-demand service; Pay-per-view television transmission services; Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Streaming of data, audio and video; Television broadcasting; Broadcast of information by means of television, radio and smartphones; Communications by television; Satellite television broadcasting; Video broadcasting; Audio broadcasting; Video streaming services via the Internet; Video sharing services; Video teleconferencing; Streaming and live streaming of video, audiovisual, and interactive audiovisual content via the Internet; Providing online facilities for live streaming video of entertainment and promotional events; Streaming and live streaming of games on the Internet; Webcasting services; Radio broadcasting; Simulcasting broadcast television over global communication networks, the Internet and wireless networks; Subscription television broadcasting; Subscription-based streaming of audio, visual, and audiovisual material via a global computer network; Broadband radio communication services; Interactive transmission and broadcasting of audio, video and voice via mobile devices, tablets, personal computers, wearable computers, sensors, televisions, set-top boxes, smart digital electronic devices and consumer goods; Chatroom services for social networking; Providing virtual chat rooms established via text messaging; Providing voice chat services; Electronic message and mail services for data and voice; Wireless digital messaging services; Instant messaging services; Mobile telephone communication services; Communications by computer terminals; Podcasting and vlogging (video journaling) services; Internet radio broadcasting services; Providing access to databases; Audiovisual teleconferencing; Broadcasting of cable television, television, and radio programs; Broadcasting of teleshopping programs; Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; Broadcasting services, namely, transmission of advertising programs and media advertising communications via digital communications networks; Electronic order transmission services; Providing electronic transmission of contactless payment data via the internet; Providing electronic transmission of credit card transaction data and electronic payment data via a global computer network; Electronic transmission of data featuring encryption and decryption; Mobile media services in the nature of electronic transmission of entertainment media content; Photo sharing and video sharing services; Delivery of digital music by electronic transmission; Transmission of news; News agencies, namely, the transmission of news items to news reporting organizations; Peer-to-peer network computer services, namely, electronic transmission of audio, video, voice and other data and documents among computers and mobile phones; Providing simultaneous multiple-user access to data on the Internet in the field of entertainment and education; Providing community forums for users to post, watch, search, share, critique, tag, curate, modify, mix, rate, and comment on, videos and other multimedia content via the Internet and other communications networks; Providing an online forum for educational discussions in the area of current events; Providing co-location services for voice, video and data communications applications; Providing facilities and equipment for telepresence conferencing; Captioned telephone services; Videotext services; Charitable services, namely, providing radio and cellular communication services to those in need; Internet cafe services, namely, providing telecommunications connections to the internet in a cafe environment; Teleconferencing and telepresence communication services offered by means of a kiosk; Providing virtual private network (VPN) services; Transmission of interactive television programs and program guides; Transmission of location-based messaging; Voice over IP services; Transmission of information through video and 3D video communication systems; Transmission of sound, video and information from web cams, video cameras or mobile phones, all featuring live or recorded materials; Telecommunications services, namely, transmission of sound and vision via an interactive multimedia network

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