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Promoting the interests of creators by means of a creator network; Providing online directory services featuring hyperlinks to the websites, content, ...

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Promoting the interests of creators by means of a creator network; Providing online directory services featuring hyperlinks to the websites, content, videos, sizzle reels, media kits, resumés, headshots, production credits, and profiles of creators and performers in the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) industry; Business services, namely, providing an online network and searchable database for the purpose of employing creatives in the entertainment industry; Business services, namely, providing an online network for contractors to receive leads and bidding opportunities by means of an online marketplace for the purpose of developing business in the entertainment industry; Provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of a wide variety of goods and services; Provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of multimedia content; Providing online facilities for connecting sellers with buyers; Providing an interactive online business directory and searchable database of amateur, semi-professional, and professional talent in the digital media industry; Providing a searchable online database that showcases personalities, performers, actors, creators, athletes, gamers, sportscasters, anchors, reporters, hosts, spokespersons, models, musicians, singers, dancers, DJs, social influencers, producers, directors, writers, composers, artists, videographers, editors, technologists, designers, stylists, casts and crews, namely, all on-camera and off-camera talent in the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) industry; Providing online business directory information featuring profiles and contact information of media creators and potential collaborators; Providing an online marketplace in the field of general merchandise accessible via mobile phones, portable and wearable digital devices, artificial intelligence robots, voice-controlled digital assistants and speakers, holographic avatars, virtual environments, global computer networks, smart televisions, streaming television, and the Internet; Online retail store services featuring custom-designed and personalized general consumer products and services; Online retail store services featuring entertainment-related merchandise, goods, services, apparel, costumes, professional makeup, fan gear, sets, props, events, and experiences; Online retail store services featuring media production tools, equipment, gear, software, hardware, and technology; Retail store services; Order fulfillment services; Online retail ordering services; Retail and wholesale product ordering based on personal selections made by the customer; Providing product information for the purpose of assisting with the selection of general consumer merchandise to meet the consumer's specifications; Subscription services, namely, subscription-based order fulfillment services in the nature of regularly delivered kits of products suited to the customer's specifications; Providing product information via an interactive verbal exchange with an artificial intelligence robot, avatar or digital assistant for the purpose of assisting with the selection of products and services to meet the consumer's needs; Providing consumer information and sales transactions via a voice-controlled digital assistant featuring artificial intelligence technology; Providing consumer information, news, reviews, demonstrations, and commentary in the fields of e-sports, games, music, television, streaming television, cinema, digital media, social media, mixed reality, interactive entertainment, and general fields of consumer interest; Computerized online searching and ordering services featuring movies, music tracks, videos, television shows, webisodes, webcasts, podcasts, e-books, games, animations, multimedia content, and related merchandise; Providing consumer interaction via voice-controlled inquiries, namely, providing an online automated consumer resource for searching, discovering, locating, and purchasing a wide range of products, services, digital assets, digital media, and artisanal goods; Providing a web portal for facilitating the purchase, order, and delivery of a wide variety of goods and services; Database management services; Compiling indexes of information into an online database accessible via a voice-controlled command and response device, namely, an artificial intelligence robot, avatar, or digital assistant; Advertising, marketing, and promotion services; Online retail product searching and locating services; Direct sales services; Affiliate marketing; Online advertising and marketing services; Advertising as a Service (AaaS), namely, searching for specific customer requests based on predefined customer specifications for products and services, and presenting such offers via artificial intelligence; Advertising exchange services for matching buyers and sellers of advertising; Interactive advertising services, namely, facilitating conversations about products, product demonstrations, product information, product ordering, sales, and delivery; Operating an online marketplace exchange that allows users to buy and sell media content; Advertising and marketing services provided by means of indirect methods of marketing communications, namely, social media, social networking, peer-to-peer ratings and recommendations, user reviews, search engine marketing, inquiry marketing, internet marketing, mobile marketing, blogging, vlogging, and other forms of passive, sharable or viral communications channels; Subscription to a television channel; Operating an online exchange that allows users to order favorite webcasts for the purpose of creating TV viewable channels, for independent or simultaneous viewing or sharing of channels; Providing a searchable online advertising guide featuring the goods and services of an online community; Providing an ongoing streaming television series and live interactive marketplace featuring product pitches and sales transactions of goods and services provided by a user community; Providing an online marketplace for users to exchange goods and services with other users; Providing products featured in television shows; Providing television shows, commercials, and video advertising with hyperlinks to websites of brands and providers of goods and services; Data processing and analytics; Online service for connecting network users with businesses for the purpose of matching users with providers of contextual goods and services; Association services, namely, providing opportunities for exchange of information and conversation regarding a wide variety of topics; Providing a web portal featuring interactive user reviews, ratings, requests, and recommendations of products and services; Voting services for casting votes in contests and campaigns using mobile phones, kiosks, smart televisions, voice-controlled digital devices, and the Internet; Comparison shopping services namely, assisting users in selecting the goods and services of others; E-commerce services, namely, providing information about products and services via telecommunication networks and social networks for advertising and sales purposes; Wholesale direct distributorship services featuring professional cosmetics for on-camera use, work apparel, media production gear and equipment, media technology products, and peak performance products, namely, health and nutrition products, energy bars, beverages, and supplements; Providing products related to charitable events; Public relations and publicity services; Providing contests for submission of user-generated ads and commercials on behalf of brands; Contests and incentive award programs to promote the sale of products and services of others; Wholesale and retail services in the nature of facilitating peer-to-peer product demonstrations, influencer marketing, and group sharing and purchasing parties, both in-home and online; Marketing services, namely, sending contextual marketing messages, offers, promotions, coupons, discounts, incentives, polls, contests, giveaways, surveys, real-time location-based advertising and commercials, via text, voice, video, audio, and data messaging to mobile phones and portable digital devices; Advertising services, namely, incentivizing user-generated submissions in the nature of creation, design, development and production of short form and long-form television and video commercials to promote the goods, services, and brand identity of others; Promoting the sale of the goods or services of others by creating, arranging, and conducting promotional multimedia content competitions; Promoting the sale of goods and services of others through the administration of incentive award programs; Administration of a membership program entitling users to live stream product demonstrations and conduct sales transactions of self-created products via computer and wireless communications networks; Conducting live streams of user-created products, demonstrations, and product pitches via smart digital assistants, smartphones, smart televisions, and the Internet; Conducting live streams in the nature of marketing and promotions, namely, live user-performed tv pitches and film pitches, for the purpose of selling original content to a streaming television network, and other media buyers; Demonstration of goods and services by electronic means, in the nature of teleshopping, mobile and home shopping services; Production of teleshopping programs; Production of infomercials; Product placement; Auctioneering; Retail store services featuring virtual goods and merchandise for use by members of an online community; Retail store kiosks featuring projected 2D, 3D, and holographic images for advertising purposes; Online retail store services featuring downloadable audio, video, multimedia, badges, keys, passes, tokens, and images; Promoting the goods and services of others by means of a point accumulation program with points used for discounts on future purchases of those goods and services; Loyalty program services; Business services, namely, the authenticating, processing and management of mobile and online payments; Business services, namely, providing secure commercial transactions and payment options using a mobile device at a retail point of sale; Promoting the goods and services of others by arranging for businesses to affiliate their goods and services with the goods and services of third parties by means of sponsorship relationships; Promotional advertising of products and services of third parties through sponsoring arrangements and license agreements relating to electronic sporting events, musical concerts, and entertainment events; Arranging for sponsors to affiliate their goods and services with social media personalities and influencers, creators, performers, marketers, gamers, athletes, awards programs, sports competitions, game tournaments, and entertainment content; Marketing services in the nature of promotion of third-party goods and services by brand ambassadors, media personalities, media influencers, and celebrities; Production of media kits, sizzle reels, resumés, bios, headshots, portfolios, and commercials for others; Developing personal branding campaigns for others; Production of commercials and infomercials; Production and distribution of live video feeds, promotional videos, interactive video forums, games, commercials, and streaming television shows incorporating product placement; Marketing the goods and services of others by means of push notification technology; Marketing the goods and services of others via geo-fencing and near field communication (NFC) technology; Buying club services; Online retail store services featuring the digital assets of others; Providing tracking of digital assets; Facilitating monetization and sales of digital assets; Providing business networking opportunities for individuals in the field of digital assets, distributed networks, crypto-tokens, and blockchain technology; Entertainment admission venue control services, namely, the remote verification of an electronic ticket, key, or pass to an entertainment event; Management of event ticketing for others; Procurement, namely, purchasing tickets to entertainment events for others; Business services, namely, providing production listings, leads, guides, breakdowns, auditions, tryouts, open calls and casting calls in the fields of television, streaming television, film, digital media, mobile media, virtual media, e-sports and video games, radio, and other entertainment-related media; Maintaining a registry of encrypted user accounts, namely, identification, profile, analytic, management and transactional information; Providing a website that features an online market for users to list offered or wanted personal and business assets and skills for hire, rent, sale or auction transacted on the basis of predefined performance or terms; Employment counseling and hands-on opportunities in the fields of television, Internet protocol television (IPTV), social media, digital media, and entertainment; Promotional services, namely, providing a web portal featuring the online portfolios and profiles of creators, artists and performers, to showcase and market their talent; Talent agency services; Talent representation and negotiation services; Talent management services for creators, artists and performers; Talent recruiting services in the nature of talent casting in the fields of television, streaming multimedia, entertainment, e-sports, games, fashion, music, video, and films; Employment services in the nature of talent casting in the field of entertainment; Remote management of human resources and work outsourcing; Employment services, namely, recruiting product sales representatives; Consulting and advisory services in the area of talent development and personal branding; Providing online business directories; Providing an online searchable database in the field of business and professional networking; Online professional networking opportunities; Online business services accessible by means of mobile applications, web applications, and television applications; Providing networking opportunities for individuals seeking employment; Providing access to an online database featuring talent casting employment opportunities in the streaming television industry; Providing online directory services to enable users to locate and connect with people, places, work groups, events, studios, companies, organizations, professional information and career opportunities; Providing online career networking services and information in the fields of employment, recruitment, and job listings; Promoting public awareness of economic programs by means of public advocacy; Subscription services, namely, subscription-based order fulfillment services in the field of digital assets; Business services, namely, providing monetization strategies and opportunities in the field of collaborative television production; Providing an online collaboration network for creators for the purpose of co-creating and monetizing multimedia content through the network; Business services, namely, providing an online network and searchable database for the purpose of discovering and employing network users in the television industry

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