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Cologne; Perfume; Aftershave cologne Leather bags; Leather bags and wallets; Leather and imitation leather bags; Luggage; Shoulder bags; Wallets; Wall...

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bags wallets  bags leather  perfume aftershave  leather imitation  wallets leather  cologne perfume  leather bags  aftershave cologne  cologne 

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Cologne; Perfume; Aftershave cologne Leather bags; Leather bags and wallets; Leather and imitation leather bags; Luggage; Shoulder bags; Wallets; Wallets and wallet inserts; Wallets including card holders; Wallets with card compartments; Book bags; Card wallets; Duffle bags; Leather credit card wallets; Military duffle bags, garment bags for travel, tote bags, shoulder bags and backpacks; Suit bags; Tote bags; Traveling bags Bathing suits; Bathing suits for men; Belts; Belts for clothing; Belts made of leather; Belts made out of cloth; Blazers; Boots; Boots for sport; Cardigans; Gloves; Gloves for apparel; Hoodies; Jackets; Jeans; Long sleeve pullovers; Long sleeved vests; Pants; Parkas; Scarfs; Scarves; Shirts; Shirts and short-sleeved shirts; Shirts for suits; Shirts for men; Shoes; Shorts; Slacks; Socks; Suits; Trench coats; Tuxedos; Ankle boots; Athletic shorts; Baseball shoes; Bib shorts; Blue jeans; Body shirts; Bolo ties; Bomber jackets; Bow ties; Business wear, namely, suits, jackets, trousers, blazers, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses and footwear; Button down shirts; Camouflage shirts; Cargo pants; Clothing for athletic use, namely, padded shirts; Corduroy pants; Denim jackets; Denim jeans; Denim pants; Fishing shirts; Fleece jackets; Fleece shorts; Formalwear, namely, dresses, gowns, tuxedos, dinner jackets, trousers and footwear; Fur jackets; Golf shirts; Golf shorts; Golf pants, shirts and skirts; Graphic T-shirts; Gym pants; Head scarves; Hiking boots; Hooded sweat shirts; Jeggings, namely, pants that are partially jeans and partially leggings; Jogging pants; Jogging suits; Knit jackets; Knit shirts; Knitted gloves; Leather boots; Leather jackets; Leather pants; Leather shirts; Leather shoes; Leisure shoes; Long-sleeved shirts; Men's socks; Men's suits; Men's dress socks; Moisture-wicking sports shirts; Neck scarfs; Non-slip socks; Open-necked shirts; Outer jackets; Over shirts; Polo shirts; Rain boots; Short-sleeve shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Shoulder scarves; Silk scarves; Ski jackets; Sport shirts; Sports jackets; Sports pants; Sports shirts; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Stretch pants; Stuff jackets; Suede jackets; Sun protective clothing, namely, hats and hoodies; Suspender belts; Sweat jackets; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; Sweat shorts; Sweat suits; T-shirts; T-shirts for men; Tee-shirts; Tennis shoes; Thermal socks; Track pants; Turtle neck shirts; Tuxedo belts; Walking shorts; Water repelling boots; Water repelling leather boots; Waterproof leather boots; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts; Wind pants; Wind-jackets; Woven shirts; Woven shirts for men

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The mark consists of The word "LINDBERGH" is written out in all capital letters in a serif font. Under the word "LINDBERGH," there are 2 horizontal lines. There is a blank space in the middle of the 2 horizontal lines where "E.S.T. 1927" appears, also in all capital letters but in a smaller font than the word "LINDBERGH" which is the most prominent.


Clothing, footwear, headgear.

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