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To achieve prosperity, unity, cohesion, solidarity, and peace with all nations as the Hebrews.To defend the sovereign, freedom, integrity and independ...

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sovereign freedom  achieve prosperity  peace nations  defend  nations  solidarity  freedom  prosperity  unity  cohesion 

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To achieve prosperity, unity, cohesion, solidarity, and peace with all nations as the Hebrews.To defend the sovereign, freedom, integrity and independence of the Hebrews. To accelerate the political, spiritual, social economics and governance of the Hebrews to create a more perfect citizenship in all countries of the world. Build wealth by developing home-ownership and promoting entrepreneurship through new business creation throughout the Hebrew generation. To pursue the lost wealth caused by slavery, free labor, and trauma by requesting reparations from countries, governments, businesses and corporations that are holding and enjoying this wealth today. To adhere to the laws of the constitution and to challenge laws that isolate the Hebrews. To stop the redlining, oppression and criminal behavior that effects the Hebrews. To protect against the genocide and the globalist agenda to control and destroy of the Hebrews through science and medicine. To protect against unfair imprisonment, lack of education and unhealthy food practices from companies that has neglected there power to eradicate the Hebrews and others. To protect against mass incarceration, gang violence, poverty, drugs, voting rights, education, single parent households, police brutality, systemic racism to promote a level playing field and fairness for the Hebrew. To establish a the lost strengths, wisdom, and generation of the Hebrews

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The mark consists of the Hebrewa Flag that represents the governance of the Hebrew people that dwell all around the world. The word Hebrewa is on the right bottom side of the flag in book antique italic brown. The flag base color is purple that is a rectangle. The primary colors inside the purple rectangle is yellow, green, blue, red, and orange. When mixed together represents the colors of the Hebrew people and the varies shade of black, brown, and tan colors which places all humanity back to their birthplace, the dirt of the earth. The 3 yellow, 6 point stars, represent from the top left corner to the right bottom corner, The Father of all the visionary and creator, The Mother of wisdom and nature, and The Holy Spirit the Father and Mother's character and Spirit DNA. The 18 points on the 3 yellow stars equal their 18 dimensions. From the bottom left corner to the upper right hand corner starting with green represents life and nature, blue represents water and wisdom, purple represents independence and royalty, yellow represent spirituality and energy, red represents fire and orange represent sunshine and freedom.


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