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core design computer programs for the inclusion of memory circuit hardware in integrated circuits; user manuals, informational data sheets, and inform...

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design computer programs  core design  memory circuit  circuit hardware  integrated circuits  computer programs  hardware  circuits  programs  inclusion 

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core design computer programs for the inclusion of memory circuit hardware in integrated circuits; user manuals, informational data sheets, and informational sheets relating to the same user manuals, informational data sheets and informational sheets relating to core design computer programs for the inclusion of memory circuit hardware in integrated circuits provision of information via electronic networks, including the Internet, relating to core design computer programs for the inclusion of memory circuit hardware in integrated circuits; licensing of intellectual property; licensing of intellectual property relating to technology and computer hardware to others for incorporation into the products of third parties, including audio cassette decks for automobiles, audio mixers, digital audio tape players, audio tape recorders, audio cassette recorders, compact disc players, jukeboxes, both musical and computer peripherals, phonograph record players, radios, radios for vehicles, stereo receivers, audio receivers, stereo amplifiers, stereo tuners, 35mm cameras, motion picture cameras, photographic cameras, video cameras, television sets, video cassette recorders, video tape recorders, video receivers, video monitors, photographic projectors, movie projectors, slide projectors, event recorders, remote controls for radios, televisions and stereos, computer workstations, computer hardware, computer peripherals, computer terminals, computer printers, laser printers, computer color printers using heat sensitive dry printing process, computer keyboards, computer monitors, magnetic tape drives, modems, computer fax modem cards, computer interface boards, computer chips, silicon chips, circuit boards, electrical circuit boards, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, integrated circuit cards, communications servers, microprocessors, microchips, microcomputers, minicomputers, supercomputers, supermini computers, silicon wafers, bar code readers, magnetic encoded card readers, debit cards, burglar alarms, theft alarms, fire alarms, smoke detectors, electronic animal confinement systems, electric gate openers, electronic door openers, personal security alarms, cathode ray tubes, converters, electric converters, electrical controllers, dictation machines, word processors, laser scanners for industrial inspection, electronic apparatus for testing the sterility of pharmaceuticals and injectable solutions, electronic apparatus for testing the sterility of medical equipment, electronic notice boards, electronic safes, electronic encryption units, electric light dimmers, electronic motion sensitive switches, electronic touch sensitive switches, transceivers, electrical transformers, facsimile machines, voltage surge protectors, voltage surge suppressors, voltmeters, voting machines, ticket canceling machines, timing dials, timing sensors, gas chromatography apparatus, plotters, polygraph machines, electrical power supplies, satellite processors, radar detectors, battery chargers, pressure gauges, impact printers, cash registers, automatic turnstiles, vending machines, fuel pumps for service stations, metered gasoline pumps, parking meters, tachometers, thermostats, vehicle engine parts, namely, thermostats, tire balancing machines for land vehicles, tire balancing units for land vehicles, vehicle wheel alignment machines, gambling machines, gaming machines and equipment, namely, slot machines with or without video output, machines for playing games of chance, video game cartridges, video game tape cassettes, computer game cassettes, computer game cartridges and instruction manuals sold as a unit, computer game equipment containing memory devices, namely, discs, computer joysticks, computer game joysticks, joysticks for video games, video game machines for use with television, video output game machines for use with televisions, interactive video games of virtual reality comprised of computer hardware, video home interactive remote control units, telephone apparatus, namely, intercoms, telephone answering machines, automatic telephones dialers, telephone equipment, namely, caller identification boxes, telephones, cellular telephones, radio pagers, radio telephones, telephone receivers, teleprompters, transistors, radio transmitters, telephone transmitters, transponders, walkie-talkies, electronic ignitions for vehicles, ignitions for vehicles, anti-theft alarms for vehicles, electronic musical keyboards, electronic educational game machines for children, electronic game equipment with a watch function, hand-held units for playing electronic games, home interactive television web browsers and other home Internet connected devices, cable television control unit (set-top boxes), cellular phones with computer functions, personal digital assistants, palm-top computers, laptop computers, hand-held computers, portable computers, mobile computing devices, hard disk drivers, mass storage devices, network routers, network switches, network interconnect cards, ink jet printers, cable modems, smart cards, copiers, scanners, multi-function office devices incorporating fax machines, copiers, scanners, answering machines and other functions, automotive and personal navigation devices using GPS technology, screen phones, medical instrumentation, automotive subsystems and controls for monitoring and management of engines, drive trains, climate systems, security and safety systems, television and radio broadcasting equipment and systems, network computers and home servers, and DVD (digital video disc) players and systems containing DVD players

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Scientific and technological services

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